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Speedrun to the Cook!

Speedrun to the Cook!

Speedrun to the Cook!

They say that Archdemon never sleeps... and neither do we! Today's Book of Demons update brings a new way to compete with other players - Speedrun to the Cook.

The trick is to find best class, optimize cards build, decide the best length of the quests, and fight your way down as fast as you can. Join the action!

Be the first to defeat the Cook!

What the future holds

If you read the Book of Demons' roadmap update on Steam, you might recall we mentioned that we would like to show you Book of Demons's original prototype. All who own Collector's Content pack will be able to see how the game has changed since the beginning! Coming in May!

Book of Demons' Prototype

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And if you feel like chatting with other players or asking dev team random stuff hop on our Discord channel!


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Stay safe in the paper dungeons!
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