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UPDATE: Mini-challenge mode!

UPDATE: Mini-challenge mode!

Behold: Mini-challenge mode!

Cunning rogues! Mighty mages! Hardened warriors! The time has come for a new challenge! Behold: Mini-challenge mode!


This mode is aimed at anyone who seeks some more challenging gameplay and competition. Your goal is simple: gain as many points as you can and gain fame among other brave souls!


Mini-challenges are short levels in which the players compete in the same conditions for the best score. They will take place in predefined dungeons, you will play with a premade character, cards, and a certain set of rules. TL:DR: we give you a character, rules, a set of cards and a dungeon and send you on your way for the best score. Sometimes demons will run super fast. Sometimes there will be no light in the dungeons at all. Good luck with that one!

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Stay safe in the paper dungeons!
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