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Steam Early Access on July 28th!

Steam Early Access on July 28th!

Book of Demons will launch on Steam Early Access on July 28th!

After nearly 3 years of development, Book of Demons finally has a Steam Early Access release date! It will launch on the 28th of July and we’re incredibly hyped about it, because it will probably be the most important day in the history of our studio yet. You can add Book of Demons to your Steam wishlist so you will be notified when it launches, or you can take advantage of our pre-Early Access discount and buy it directly on our website.

Steam Early Access

If you’re still not sure about getting the game in Early Access, read Filip's blog post about what features will be available during the beta-testing period and why we have decided to release the game in Early Access in the first place. You will find it here.

Book of Demons wins its first awards!


Not so long ago we went to Digital Dragons to take part in the Indie Showcase competition and publicly show a playable version of Book of Demons for the first time. And guess what?! We won an award and got valuable feedback from people like Chris Avellone and David Brevik, the original co-founder of Blizzard and designer of Diablo!

Judging by David Brevik’s (the designer of Diablo) note, he liked Book of Demons very much. ▼ Digital Dragons ▲ Digital Dragons Best Indie Game 3rd award goes to Book of Demons!

Read more about our trip to Cracov in Tom's blog post.

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