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Community Translations

Community Translations

...and Minimap!

Today's update introduces in-game community translations, various bugfixes, identify all feature, the minimap and, last but not least, the updated final roadmap (with dates!). You can check all the details here - clickity click!

In-game community translatios!

What's next?

Up until now, we were sticking to bi-monthly larger updates. Now that we are entering the home stretch the large updates will be more frequent, we are aiming at one every six weeks. Of course, in between, there will be a lot of small updates containing fixes and minor tweaks.

In other news:

Performance update


We have identified a possible optimization in the rendering engine that could bump FPS...

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Cursed Sarcophagi


This update brings, among other stuff, the cursed sarcophagi mechanics and spatial sound system...

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Stay safe in the paper dungeons!
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