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Welcome the Rogue

Welcome the Rogue

Welcome the Rogue!

The wait is finally over!

We are happy to introduce Rogue class which is now available to everyone, after intense testing phase on our Test branch. Now you can use your cunning to mischief and subdue your foes with the variety of new skills, items, and artifacts.

Welcome the Rogue

The Rogue is smart, cunning and very, very deadly... They say that she has sharpened her Claws on the need of valued fermented blood (known aphrodisiac), precious lost souls and beautiful goat skins. Using only a knife and a bow she wreaks havoc upon armies of hell.

The Rogue

Rogue's core mechanic differs from pushy Warrior’s and bookish Mage’s playstyles. Her bow has an impressive range allowing her to shoot any enemy in her range of sight and even beyond it! However, when approached directly, she switches to a dangerous melee weapon and then attack those in close range. Even encircled she has an ace up her sleeve.

The new class comes along with 16 totally new cards (and even more their variants). You can now shoot powerful magic arrows that will burn, freeze, poison your enemies or even auto-aim them with Epic Arrows. To support her unique fighting style you will be able to use 5 new artifact cards and 7 unique and mostly offensive spells which will allow you to split arrows, spread confusion and bring destruction upon your foes!

Do not hesitate and try it now!

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