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Book of Demons
Mage has arrived

Book of Demons - Mage has arrived!

Major Update:
The Mage has arrived!

After a short testing phase on a different branch on Steam, we are happy to announce that the long-awaited Mage character is now available to everyone and playable. You can, at last, fight monsters in the paper dungeon using real magic ;-)

The Mage Mage is a powerful mystic proficient in all kinds of magic. Wearing only a robe he leaves direct face-to-face combat to his summoned minion, himself bringing devastation from a safe distance.

Mage’s attacks work a little different from Warrior’s. His projectiles are guided and will avoid other monsters to reach their target, but they can still hit walls. That’s why, for a Mage, fighting in tight spaces can be problematic and requires more tactical approach.

But for those (and any other) occasions he has some awesome cards up his sleeve. Mage class comes with 16 new unique class specific cards. Master each of the 11 new spells, 4 artifacts, and 1 item find synergies between them and use them according to situation – and no monster or boss will stand a chance! You can find the full list here.

Besides Mage, this update introduces a lot of fixes, balance changes and some quality of life tweaks. You can find the full changelog here.

In other news:

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We released a free Demo

Good news everyone! Today we’re launching a big update for Book of Demons and we have prepared something for both newcomers and for already engaged players. This is the biggest update we’ve done so far and it will pave the ground for even better things to come.

Grab the demo on Steam
or Download it Directly (430 MB)

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Stay safe in paper dungeons!

As always with love ♡,
Thing Trunk Team