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Early Access ends!

Early Access ends!

Release date is set to 13th Dec!

We have been in Early Access for over two years. It's been a wild ride. Wild but awesome, thanks to you guys. We initially planned of being in Early Access for only six months but the community took the game in directions we never anticipated. We now have an end game, Roguelike and Casual modes, randomized card variants, and much more. Not to mention a gargantuan number of bugs reported and fixed.

Fireworks in town!

The game has reached the point at which we can say it has almost all the stuff we envisioned and so we can safely set the release date. We hinted at it before but now it’s time to make it official: Book of Demons will exit early access on 13th of December. And yes, this year

The run-up and the launch itself

As I type this post the release candidate build of the game is being finalized and deployed to the test branch. Those of you wishing to test the new cards and legendaries can check this thread for instructions on how to switch to the test branch.

Warrior fighting tentacles

The changes include sixteen new cards, each with magical and unique legendary variants, and a special thank you song performed by townsfolk after the Archdemons is defeated.

Rogue fighting a barrel

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In other news:

Mac version is here! Along with bugfixes and stuff.


The Mac native port is ready and went live on Steam moments before this post was published...

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Roguelike mode comes out of beta!


It is time for the September’s major update. Let’s quickly run through all the new stuff...

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