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Book of Demons
Launch, AMA and such

Launch, AMA and such

We are launching at 8:00 AM PST!

There comes a time in a life of most of the games when they have to spread wings and leave the nest. Yes, I'm talking about exiting Early Access and this time is 8:00 AM PST.

For this occasion we have prepared a launch trailer narrated by the Archdemons himself:

Launch Trailer

It was an amazing adventure that doesn't end here!

Reddit AMA

Reddit AMA

And if you want to ask us stuff consider checking out our "Ask Us Anything" thread we started on Reddit right now. There isn't much to do during the launch but sit and stress out so that's how we will keep ourselves distracted!

Vote for Pedro!

Vote for Book of Demons

And by Pedro, we mean us of course! We are one of top 100 favorite indie games according to users and have a chance to get to the top 10 second year in a row. If you think we deserve it vote here.

In other news:

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Stay safe in the paper dungeons!
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