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Book of Demons
Legendary Cards Update!

Book of Demons - Legendary Cards Update!

Legendary Cards Update!

The wait is over! The card system update is finally here. I will try and break down the main changes. Buckle up.

All is common now

The first thing you will notice is that all your cards are now of common rarity. Yes, you read that right, the old common/rare/legend system has flown out of the window. All cards you knew are now common. Additionally, all unidentified cards you might have had before patch will be identified at no cost, you will find then in your inventory after starting the game.

Pave way for Card Variants

From now on every card can be found in multiple variants. The common rarity has to be found first. After that, there is a small chance that a rare more powerful variant will drop.

There are two rarities variants: Magical and Legendary. Each rarity has modified icon and card template. Magical and Legendary cards use silver and golden templates respectively. Those used to indicate card level, which now will be indicated with stars on the left side of the template and card icon.

Mana Burn & improved Cauldron

Until now standing in fire boiled and depleted mana pool over time. Since no one needs additional encouragement not to stand in the flames we modified this mechanic.

We found the cauldron risk/reward mechanics to be confusing. It didn't really encourage risk taking. It was long in the making but we have also redone it! read more

In other news:

The Mage is here!

Book of Demons just got the biggest update so far. After a short testing phase on a different branch on Steam, we are happy to announce that the long-awaited Mage character is now available to everyone and playable. You can, at last, fight monsters in the paper dungeon using real magic. read more

We released a free Demo

Good news everyone! Today we’re launching a big update for Book of Demons and we have prepared something for both newcomers and for already engaged players. This is the biggest update we’ve done so far and it will pave the ground for even better things to come.

Grab the demo on Steam
or Download it Directly (430 MB)

read more

Stay safe in paper dungeons!

As always with love ♡,
Thing Trunk Team